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McLain High School to receive $50,000 grant from Ed Darby Foundation Foundation calls for community match to support victims’ families and school

(TULSA, Okla.) — The Ed Darby Foundation announced today a commitment of $50,000 in funding to support McLain High School as it recovers from last week’s tragic shooting. The Foundation donated $25,000 to cover immediate expenses and is reaching out to the community for an additional matching gift of $25,000.


“The McLain community serves the needs of their students every day, and they do it with less resources,” said Bonnie Darby, Ed Darby Foundation Chair. “McLain students, staff, families, and alumni are valuable and important to our community. In this time of greater need, the Ed Darby Foundation is proud to offer continued support and asks the rest of the Tulsa community to join us.”  


The privately donated funds will be held at the Foundation for Tulsa Schools, which will distribute them to McLain High School to support the victims, teachers and students since they returned to school on Thursday.


“We are grateful to Tulsa Public Schools and their partners for quickly mobilizing to provide mental health support and added safety measures,” said Renee Rabovsky, principal of McLain. “The needs of McLain are so much more, and these funds will help provide support for community building and shining a light on the students we serve so that we may heal from this tragedy.” 


The Foundation for Tulsa Schools has created a website to collect donations, MYTHIC Press is also partnering by designing a t-shirt that will be available early next week for $20.  Donors may purchase shirts to show support for McLain or purchase a shirt for a student. All proceeds will be donated to McLain High School. For every dollar donated to the fund or raised through t-shirt sales, an additional dollar will be matched by the Ed Darby Foundation, up to $25,000.


“When tragedy occurs in our community, it is our commitment as the Foundation and as Tulsans to act and uplift our neighbors,” said Moises Echeverria, Foundation for Tulsa Schools president and CEO. “With the generous match and gift provided by the Ed Darby Foundation, imagine the impact of a potential $75,000 gift to the victims’ families, the students and the school community.”


“Even as we navigate heartbreaking tragedy, it has been inspiring to see the ways that Tulsans continue to step up to show their love and support to the McLain community,” Superintendent Deborah Gist said. “We are deeply grateful to the Ed Darby Foundation for investing in our McLain students, team members, and families in such a meaningful way.”


About the Foundation for Tulsa Schools

The Foundation for Tulsa Schools (FTS) is a community based 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed in 2001, to enhance the educational programs of Tulsa Public Schools; enlist community support and business assistance in providing additional educational resources and opportunities; communicate the need for continued community involvement in the process and mission of providing a first class public education; and facilitate the goal of providing an excellent education by raising revenues to increase educational opportunities. The Foundation for Tulsa Schools exists solely for the benefit of Tulsa Public Schools.


About the Ed Darby Foundation


The Ed Darby Foundation believes every child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. The Foundation funds educational, developmental, and community programs that allow economically disadvantaged Tulsa students to fulfill their potential. The Ed Darby Foundation strives to carry on Ed’s legacy and vision of a more equitable Tulsa. The Foundation seeks to fund programs that enrich the whole child so that they may see their path forward.