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Support McLain

We are committed to supporting McLain and encourage all Tulsans to do the same. The Ed Darby Foundation has generously committed a $25,000 matching donation to support McLain High School as it recovers from the September 30th shooting. #TulsaLovesMcLain

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Supporting Novice Teachers

Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year the Foundation for Tulsa Schools prioritized funding support for novice teachers. This includes on-boarding, additional professional development days and mentoring from a seasoned peer. The Foundation is committed to continuing to support additional resources for Tulsa Public Schools’ novice teacher workforce.

Through these investments novice teacher retention increased 7% from the previous year; equating to 70 additional teachers choosing to stay at Tulsa Public Schools. The Foundation plans to continue our investment in novice teachers with a goal of further increasing retention from 75.5% to 80%.