Book Series

The Foundation for Tulsa Schools is excited to announce Celebrate Tulsa!, the second book in their children’s series. It is written and illustrated by Tulsa Public Schools teachers, students, and staff. From the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. parade to the Tulsa Greek Festival, this book highlights the multitude of events and celebrations that take place in Tulsa each year. Celebrate Tulsa! honors the diversity of cultures, races, religions, languages, foods, traditions, music and art in our city and serves as a reminder that even though we may not share the same beliefs or backgrounds, what we share in common is greater than what makes us different.

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Celebrate Tulsa! and Good Night Tulsa are available for purchase at the following local retailers: 
  • Ida Red
    3336 S. Peoria Ave. (Brookside)
  • Kathleen’s Kids
    8212 S. Harvard Ave.
  • Kiddlestix
    3815 S. Harvard Ave.
  • Lolly Garden
    2046 Utica Square 
  • Magic City Books
    221 E. Archer St.
  • Tulsa Botanic Garden
    3900 Tulsa Botanic Drive

One-to-One Literacy Model

In addition to highlighting Tulsa’s unique attributes and building a sense of community pride, a goal of the Good Night Tulsa project is to promote the love of reading and enhance literacy competence for the children of Tulsa. 

We have a created a one-for-one model; for every book sold another will be donated to a student at a Tulsa Public Schools Title 1 elementary school.

Sponsorship opportunity

The Foundation for Tulsa School has published two highly acclaimed children’s books – Good Night Tulsa and Celebrate Tulsa!. Both hardcover books were written and illustrated by the talented teachers and staff of Tulsa Public Schools. The goals of the Children’s Book Series are to highlight Tulsa’s unique attributes, promote reading and literacy amongst TPS students, and instill within children and adults a sense of pride for our great city.

Sponsorship of the Children’s Book Series enables us to continue to underwrite these amazing book projects.

AUTHORS & Illustrators of celebrate Tulsa!


JoAnn Caldwell

Joy Crow

Gwynievere Harris

Beth Howard

Marjery “Margie” Murphy-McNutt

Kirsten Johnson Morehead

Gabbie Ross

Dania Santiago

Richard Wills


JoAnn Caldwell

Sharon Dautermann

      Heidi Doss

Beatrice Hoxie 

Kirsten Johnson Morehead

Special Thanks