Frequently Asked Questions

Why DonorsChoose?

The FTS adopted the DonorsChoose platform to facilitate our Grants for Great Ideas in order to maximize funding potential for TPS teachers and classrooms. Many of our donors were already using DonorsChoose and matching funds given. DonorsChoose also handles the aspect of purchasing and delivery allowing our teachers and staff to focus on theclassrooms.  

Does GFGI fund specific subject matters?

Subject areas that are eligible for Grants for Great Ideas are Art, Music, Health & Wellness, Literacy, STEAM, Enrichment, or Special Education. However, if  you have a great idea that you do not feel fits into these seven areas, please submit it with your reasoning of why it is a Great Idea!

Do items remain at my school if I change schools?

Yes.  All items remain at the school where you were when you requested the items.  This is per DonorChoose policy.

Standard project materials and teacher-use materials should remain at the teacher’s original school if a teacher leaves after receiving the materials, unless both of these criteria are met:

    • The teacher will continue to teach in an eligible public school and in a position that meets our eligibility criteria.
    • The principal gives consent for the teacher to take funded materials to use in his/her new classroom.

My project was fully funded before the Grant for Great Ideas was applied. Can I re-apply?

Yes! Way to go! Create a new project following the guidelines and email

Can I have more than one project?

DonorsChoose will allow more than one project at a time for an educator. However, you are only eligible to receive a Grant for Great Ideas once per school year.

From DonorsChoose: