Contact Name: Amanda DeCort
Contact Email:
Address: 321 South Boston

Appropriate Grades:      
1 – 3
4 – 6
7 – 8
9 – 12

Educational Experience:
Downtown Tulsa Safari
Lions and tigers and… dolphins? Pigs and turkeys and buffaloes, too? In downtown Tulsa? Absolutely! There’s an urban jungle in the heart of the city if you know where to look. Go on an offbeat architectural safari to spot the whimsical terra cotta wildlife on Tulsa’s downtown buildings, and learn about Tulsa history and architecture along the way.

Downtown Architecture Trek
Tulsa’s legacy as the Oil Capital of the World is easy to see on a walk through downtown. Learn about the monuments the oil barons built themselves: beautiful Art Deco and Gothic skyscrapers with grand lobbies and secret underground tunnels! This is a fun and informative walking tour that highlights historic architecture and shows students, in a tangible way, how Tulsa’s history has shaped its built environment.